Club “OUT’’ ventures to Dekeleia/Tatoi

Ketonomada, a team of the Educational and Recreational Club “OUT”, organized the third field trip to Dekeleia/Tatoi in northern Attica on Sunday 18 January 2015. A total of 25 students, teachers and parents participated in the trip and, among them, the Director of the school, Dr Dimitris Kalaitzidis, who is also the coordinator of the Club.

Tatoi or Dekeleia is a protected forest and natural reserve of renowned natural beauty in northern Attica where the estate of the former Greek royal family used to be located. There are also a few horse-riding clubs nearby, that is why we thought that a day trip to the area would combine horse riding with a history lesson on site.

We booked 15-minute beginner horse riding lessons with Mega Sports horse riding school; we booked a shuttle bus for the day and organized a guided tour to the former Greek royal estate that is the summer palace called Tatoi. We also created a worksheet regarding activities, horse riding and history.

We set off at 9.15 and reached our destination an hour later. On the bus during the trip, our team presented information about the history of horse riding and the usefulness of the horse for humans throughout the years.

Upon arrival, the group was guided around the historical buildings of Tatoi Estate by Mr Koutsavlis, the Chairperson of Tatoi Friends Association and then we enjoyed our horse riding lesson. We also visited the stables. We had late lunch in a beautiful tavern nearby admiring the view and by 18.30 we had returned to Pireas.

Everybody had a good time combining historical knowledge, natural beauty and fun horse-riding.