Bike orientation – a educational bike ride

During half a day in October the students of class geography 2 got to take the classroom out of school. We had been studying city planning and focused on the growth of Lidingö. The island of Lidingö has been built in different time eras; the result is that is possible to see the different architecture and planning ideas throughout the island. So on one beautiful afternoon we took our bikes and completed an orientation through the different areas. The goal was to visualize the thing we had been talking about in the classroom. The students got to answer questions at each stop on the way about the different architecture.  A fun way to learn and exercise at the same time!

Learning activity and Staff meeting in Estonia

During Sept 27- Oct 3 2015 we had a joint staff training event in Paide, Estonia. We were two teachers and three students from Sweden who took part of the meeting. It was an event between Greece, Portugal, Sweden and Estonia.

On Monday we had a tour on Paide Gymnasium, we visited students in lessons and all the guest students held short presentations about their school and studies. In the afternoon all the guests visited the local enterprise Viking Window, an interesting visit about entrepreneurship.  On Tuesday we had a tour in limestone town Paide and a historic tour on a Medieval Castle Tower in Paide. In the afternoon we left by bus to the wetland Kakerdaja. We went hiking on a nature trail and camping overnight in the forest in heated tents. It was an excellent example of an outdoor learning activity. On Thursday all the guest students and a group of youth entrepreneurship students from Paide Gymnasium took part of a 12-hour innovation camp at school, leaded by university students. The goal for the students was to create business and project ideas, including brainstorming, group work, simulation games and presentations of innovative solutions. The students presented their ideas for a “jury” and all the project ideas were estimated by local experts and entrepreneurs. It was a very successful and instructive workshop. On Friday all the teachers involved in the project had a meeting for sharing experiences and planning for the next steps of the project.