Club “OUT”: Educational trip to the centre of environmental education in Amfissa

The students and three teachers of the Εnvironmental Εducation Programme “OUT” went on an educational trip to Amfissa in Central Greece from the 30th November to the 2nd of December 2015 in the framework of the ERASMUS+ European Program “ROUTE”.

The students and teachers were hosted at the local Center of Environmental Education where they attended a lecture about environmental problems by Mr M. Theocharopoulos, in charge of the center. The following day the students took part in a program of the Centre called “Geomythological and Geoenvironmental Paths” in the framework of which they were guided to the Museum of Delfi and viewed the exhibits from a different angle, connecting myth with science , human fears and the intervention of the divine element. Later they hiked for four kilometers, they role-played the ancient myth of Erysichthon and visited the canals of the rivers Mornos and Evinos. In the evening the students prepared and presented their own presentations in groups. On the last day the students visited the dam of the river Mornos where they were guided by the Head Electrician of the dam and filled in special worksheets.

The trip was organized by the Coordinator of the Εnvironmental Εducation Programme “OUT”, Director Dr Dimitris Kalaitzidis and Ms Kalliope Bechraki (Greek Language Teacher) and Ms Magdalini Kokkaliari (Mathematician).

Club “OUT”: Horseriding/Malakasa

Ralleio Educational and Recreational Club “OUT” in cooperation with the Parent-Teacher Association of the school visited the Riding Club in Malakasa in the framework of Erasmus+ Program ‘ROUTE”. Students, teachers and parents were guided in the facilities and were informed about horseback riding and the horses themselves. They then took a 45-minute ride in the nearby forest which everyone enjoyed.

Coordination: Dr D. Kalaitzidis , School Director

Participating Teachers: Stavros Drosakis (Mathematician), Panos Kagidis (PE Teacher), M. Kokkaliari (Mathematician) and Kalliope Bechraki (Greek Language and Literature Teacher).

Erosion – a geological phenomenon.

In the class of geography 1 we study the phenomenon of erosion. This is a geological process that transports material away from the surface. In Sweden we have mostly small erosion processes, especially on Lidingö. After reading about the phenomenon in school we arranged a photo competition. The students got to take their pictures on erosion in their local environment; we printed them and held an exhibition with photos of local erosion. A nice and simple way to take the classroom outside!