Final Learning activity and staff meeting in Greece.

In april of 2016 all participant countries met for the last time with accompanying students. As our goal to reinvent the outdoors for education we had an amazing week of activities. Through our hosts hospitality and expertise we got to learn about Greece of today and the ancient Greece. The excursions that took place were always a learning and active pleasure. When we visited the old mines of Lavrion the students acted as old miners and slaves. During the learning activities we took part in our hosts great ability to connect the old history with the new always in a holistic approach. Sustainable society and school was always addressed when we visited Acropolis, Parthenon, Corinth canal and Ancient Nemea. As an example at the Sousaki Volcano experiments and wildlife watching took place. At our meeting with the Chamber of commerce in Piraeus presentations were made regarding young entrepreneurship.
Active interaction in school dancing Zorba or debating the refugee situation made the Greek learning activity a lesson for life.


Educational visit to the archaeological site and the museum of Eleusis

All the students and teachers of the school visited the archaeological site and the museum of Eleusis on the 12th of April. Greek Language teacher Ms A. Keskesiadou and A class students A. Exertzi and M. Mastrokalou spoke about the main buildings of the site and about Eleusinian Mysteries. The visit was organized by Ms M. Kokkaliari (Mathematics teacher), who was also responsible for the guided tour in the museum.

Integration through a winter excursion

During the school year of 2015/2016 Sweden became the precipitant of a large wave of refugees. Many of them where young people that came without their parents. Lidingö has received many new students with different backgrounds. In an effort to create a integration between the Swedish students and the newly arrived students we created a winter excursion to Grövelsjön. Lidingö municipality cofounded the project. We were 8 teachers and 36 students, 18 Swedish and 18 refugees. During a 5 day field excursions we took the students to the mountain range of Grövelsjön. Here they got to experience their first time on snow, skiing and downhill. The students got to practice their Swedish. The project was a great success and created new friendships.

Quiz on water

In early april,the environmental agency arranged a  wide web-based quiz for students. 20 questions were the subject of water a very wide range of topics-Estonian small and large rivers; groundwater and surface water; streams and watersheds; water use, and water conservation. Total could get 70 points. Quiz answer was a period of 20 minutes. The students who had the opportunity to see the water while doing the quize had an advantage. And their results were even better. A total of 333 teams from 107 schools. Järvamaa attended three schools-Roosna-Alliku Elementary School, High School and Aravete Paid Gymnasium.

Paid high school had 15 teams. This time, a big victory does not come.

Students are controlled and monitored by teachers and Merike Einma Lorina Rooster