Field trip TTU Särghaua Learning Center

On September 8,  class B went to the Earth Sciences and environmental engineering Learning Center Särghaual  to discover and explore Ireland earthly rocks, and all students had the opportunity to hit rocks out by stone artisans. There were three workshops. First workshop got acquainted with the Estonian mineral resources. The second workshop was the studied in groups of different places in Estonia geological cross-section of different epochs. We filled in worksheet with a microscope and iPad to help. The third workshop, offers students the opportunity engraved stones and got to take the work home. It was a nice day of school in a beautiful world, where every corner was under an Apple tree to pick apples in your hands and let them taste good.  Särghaua Learning Center

Daire Krabi

Trying to reach the top – Kebenekaise.

On Hersby Gymnasium we have a special physical education class called “experiencing the wild life”. This class trains two times each week to prepare them for the wild life experiences. We move the classroom outside at least three times each year. In the beginning of September we travel to the mountain range of Sweden. During their 5 day stay we get lectures about the wild life, nature, vegetation, conservation of nature reserves and of course a lot of exercise. During one day we always make an attempt to reach the top of Kebenkaise. This year we almost made it to the top, but not all the way. We got stopped by to much ice and the climb for the top got to hard so we had to go back. But it was still a extraordinary experience to  take part of all these adventures.