In Darwin route

Twenty students of the vocational course of health auxiliary, and his Biology teacher visited the Zoo of Lisboa and participated in the workshop “In Darwin route”.

The main goals of this activity are to realize the zoo’s role in the conservation of species and habitats, understanding how Darwin’s theory affected the perception of man about the natural world and learn about the trip that Darwin made and the evolution of knowledge of the natural world.

The educational proposals of the Zoo, in the ambit of Environmental Education, relate to the conservation of Biodiversity, with the valorization of animal life and foster a progressive transformation in values, attitudes and behaviors.

The educational programs promoted by the Zoo, in its aspect directed to schools, are recognized as Educational Utility by the DGE / Ministry of Education because they play an important role in environmental education, in pre-school education and in primary and secondary education.

The students participated in the “Workshop on the Darwin Route”, which seeks to explain the origin of the species under the perspective of Darwin.

They could realize how was your journey to formulate your theory and understand how his theory has affected the perception of man on the natural world.

This Workshop allows students to argue about the strengths and weaknesses of fixational and evolutionary theories and to learn more about Darwin’s journey and evolution of natural world knowledge.