A-day to make a difference 2016.

During the first year of ROUTE we started an environmental project with the municipality of Lidingö. The idea was that the student’s thoughts and creativity on environmental solutions would be in focus and presented for the politicians and the civil servants on a special day at the city hall. This year our environmental day grew and became a whole week for students age 6-19 to present their ideas at city hall. The different ages got different days to present and arrange happening around environmental issues.

Our students, consisting of three different classes, started their project with a workshop at the city hall arranged by Sustainergies. After the workshop they worked with their ideas on how to create sustainable solutions or how to influence the public opinion on sustainability.

Some of their projects were:

Create a workshop material on “the production of bananas” too be used at schools.

A Instagram account with 498 followers that introduced “ environmental tip of the day”.

Reuse of old clothes, they collected old clothes to donate to refugees.

Creation of an educational film on waste management.