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Field trip TTU Särghaua Learning Center

On September 8,  class B went to the Earth Sciences and environmental engineering Learning Center Särghaual  to discover and explore Ireland earthly rocks, and all students had the opportunity to hit rocks out by stone artisans. There were three workshops. First workshop got acquainted with the Estonian mineral resources. The second workshop was the studied in groups of different places in Estonia geological cross-section of different epochs. We filled in worksheet with a microscope and iPad to help. The third workshop, offers students the opportunity engraved stones and got to take the work home. It was a nice day of school in a beautiful world, where every corner was under an Apple tree to pick apples in your hands and let them taste good.  Särghaua Learning Center

Daire Krabi

Matsimäe läger

This year, the camp had a total of 130 pupils, of which a dozen were high-school students and twenty primary school students. Each leader of the group organized a campfire and activities also for the younger students.
Campsite organizers were professionals, this time the Environment Agency Harju Järva-Rapla region. The student groups moved between the different workshops. They learned about animals, birds, trees, butterflies, soil … Some people also went to the bog. Then the groups had a competitions in sports, and the evening ended with a spirited evening campfire. The next day Maasik games began between the teams. The teams had to use thier learned wisdom and also a good teamwork, skill and dexterity. After this the students had some free time to play ball with friends or too just bake a campfire sausage. Every good thing comes to an end, and soon the camp was over. It is also clear that next year we will meet again Matsimäe, because the majority promised to come back.
Thanks for all the wonderful helpers for the implementation of the camp!

Ester Koplimets

Quiz on water

In early april,the environmental agency arranged a  wide web-based quiz for students. 20 questions were the subject of water a very wide range of topics-Estonian small and large rivers; groundwater and surface water; streams and watersheds; water use, and water conservation. Total could get 70 points. Quiz answer was a period of 20 minutes. The students who had the opportunity to see the water while doing the quize had an advantage. And their results were even better. A total of 333 teams from 107 schools. Järvamaa attended three schools-Roosna-Alliku Elementary School, High School and Aravete Paid Gymnasium.

Paid high school had 15 teams. This time, a big victory does not come.

Students are controlled and monitored by teachers and Merike Einma Lorina Rooster


Environment day in Paide

Paide Gymnasium marked the International Environment Day, “A day to make a difference” and the end of the school year with different out-door activities, involving the whole school, both teachers and pupils. There were outdoor learning activities for different classes, science knowledge competition between classes, practical activities in nature to learn more about local environment, hikes and study-tours for different classes.

The primary and basic school pupils had integrated science lessons and they performed activities in the outskirts of the school and in the northern part of Järva County, called Valgehobusemägi (White Horse Hill), a hilly area that has fine sports facilities for around-the-year spots activities.

The pupils of the gymnasium grades had an orienteering game in the town, familiarising with the limestone buildings and limestone sculptures in the hometown, out-door practical learning activities, which integrated chemistry and biology, near the manmade lake Paide and the Pärnu River.  The pupils of the economic line went on a study-tour in an international enterprise WENDRE in Pärnu, to familiarise with the production process, issues of efficiency of labour, export geography, responsible and environmentally friendly management and enjoyed themselves in an adventure park.

The pupils of the 10th grades had an orienteering day in our hometown Paide, using the town map and GPS. Their task was to find limestone buildings and limestone sculptures, assess their condition and determine the field of use. They marked the objects on the town map and made a group selfie against the object. They studied the limestone buildings and limestone sculptures in the hometown. They also assessed the impact of pollution of air on town environment and buildings. The goal was to study the home place and to bring into the consciousness the importance of limestone as a local building material and natural resources.

The nature line pupils of the 11th grades performed outdoor water observations near the manmade lake Paide and the Pärnu River. They assessed the condition of the lake and the river, the purity of the water, studied the vegetation and insects. The day ended with a fine picnic.

Pupils of the economic line familiarised with one of the largest sewing factory in Estonia WENDRE in Pärnu, with the production process and the products. The number of workers is over 400, and there are production units in Poland, Sweden, Finland and Latvia. The products – blankets and cushions- are export articles to many countries. The company invests a lot in the environmental protection. The whole production process is energy saving and almost without waste. Over 95% of the staple (raw material) and the waste product is recycled in the same factory.

After the study tour in the factory, it was possible to test one’s own skills in Valgeranna Adventure Park, climbing on the ropes and wooden climbing frames.