Estonia – Paide gymnasium

Paide Gymnasium, Estonia, is a general education secondary school, which has a basic school department (age 7-16) and upper secondary/high school department (age 16 – 19). The school was established in 1909 and recently celebrated its 105th anniversary.

The school is located in the Heartland of Estonia, at about 90 km South of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in Paide. The school consists of two school buildings, a sports ground, a small park with an outdoor learning place. Students can use a modern public sports arena for gym lessons, ball games and festive occasions. For swimming lessons students go to the public spa.

Today there are 530 pupils and 45 teachers. It has long traditions, experienced teachers, a well functioning student council. The school provides three different programmes: Science, Social Studies and Economics.

From 2010 on Tartu University and Paide Gymnasium have a collaboration agreement to offer students Natural Science lectures by different TU lecturers and scientists. This has helped to make the learning process more efficient.

At present Paide Gymnasium is involved in the initiative started by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Estonia – how to make school more attractive for the students, teachers, parents, supporters of education and the friends.

Paide Gymnasim has been in different national and international projects. During 2008 – 2012 the school implemented 3 Nordplus Junior projects on outdoor learning activities which had focus on reduction of ecological footprint of the schools. Paide Gymnasium won a national award by Arcimedes NA “Gold Apple 2012” for implementing transnational projects among general education schools.

PG has developed and implemented a special curriculum for integrated teaching of Math and Nature Science subjects in basic school. PG teachers also have experiences in youth entrepreneurship for creating sustainable businesses. Students have learning activities outside classroom, in different types of environment: nature, factories, companies, other schools and cultures.

Teachers coordinating the project in Paide Gymnasium:

Elbe Mretsatalu
Teacher of economics and geography, projects coordinator

Aino Kreitsman
International projects’ coordinator