Minutes from the last meeting. Greece June 2016

  • We shared our experiences during this project. What we have learned about outdoor activities and how it has effected our students.
  • We presented our disseminations.
  • We presented and discussed the outcome of our projects within each school.
  • We finalized all deadlines for the handbook, material for the webpage and photos to post.
  • We discussed the possibility to apply for another project.

Minutes from the fifth meeting. Greece April 2016

  • Results from our joined projects were presented and we discussed our outcome and different experiences.
  • Results from our disseminations were presented.
  • The handbook was discussed and we finalized the details.
  • Material for the webpage was gathered.

Minutes from the fourth meeting. Sweden January 2016

  •  Each country presented their projects done within each country.
  • Each country presented their disseminations done so far.
  • Each country presented their ideas on upcoming disseminations.
  • We all discussed things we could learn from each other.
  • We discussed the creation of the handbook.
  • Deadlines were set for disseminations and the handbook.
  • Dates for the two meetings in Greece was set.

Minutes from the third meeting. Paide October 2015


Discussing the future activities:

–  getting feedback among students after every activity, using the suggested form by Dimitris

–  each year should be at least 4 outdoor activities in every country (eg geography bicycle rides with different tasks, enterprise  visit, history lesson in town or in museum  instead of having a lesson in classroom, fieldwork in science lessons)

– write a short article about the activity and take pictures sending them to Johanna for the website

– prepare materials for the HANDBOOK according to the template on web page (ready by June before the teachers and coordinators meeting in Greece)

– materials/templates can be put up on school page or Dropbox

– A logo of the Project must be cleaned and it goes on the second decision round

-Focus on sustainability ideas in the project

-News about the project in local newspapers, media

– Dissemination is important, Project should be visible outside

– What projects we can do together:

  • A day to make a difference
  • Growing of wine, crops. Soil test, ecological growing….
  • Water Project (pollution, quality, etc)
  • Sustainable cities – how to make future capitals sustainable

Each country should participate at least in 2 projects

Meeting in Sweden is taking place Jan 11-17. First working day is Jan 12, and last Jan 16. Plan: Winter sport and outdoors.

Dimitris should double check the time of Greece meeting in April. We agreed dates Apr 4-10 on our first meeting. We will decide the final meeting in January in Sweden.


Minutes from the second meeting. Portugal March 2015

  • All school presented that they had been working with during the winter of 2014.
  • New projects during year two were discussed.
  • Presentation of new staff members involved.
  • Updates on the creation of webpage, problems in Sweden with colleges that erased the page was presented. New efforts to make the page work will be made.
  • Updates on the facebook page.
  • Check and plans for the meeting in Paide was made.

Minutes from the first meeting. Sweden December 2014

  • Dates where decided for all our meetings. Portugal 28th of February until the 6th of Mars 2015. Estonia 27th of September until the 3rd of October 2015. Sweden 11th of January until the 17th of January 2016. Greece 4th of April until the 10th of April 2016, a learning activity. Greece 13th of June until the 17th of June 2016, transnational meeting.
  • Invite and agenda should be presented 1,5 month in advance.
  • Europass – we should all get registered so that we can offer this to our students how participates in the project.
  • Templates should be made for project so that we can produce a “book of good practice”. Content was decided.
  • A minimum of 4 project should take place within each country. We should also do at least 2 projects between the members. Each year.
  • A Facebook group should be created.
  • A webpage must be created. The content was decided on.
  • The meeting in Portugal was discussed and planed.