The objectives of the EU 2020 – we strive to achieve the following of the EU’s 2020 targets; reduce the number of early school leaving, to increase results in subjects such as science and biology, increasing the professionalism of the teachers, countering poverty through a good education, and promote a sustainable interaction with Europe’s natural resources.

Our goals in this project are:

For teachers

  • Increased professionalism of the teaching staff at schools.
  • New methods of teachers to bring students outdoor in the education.
  • New ways to create interest among school tired students.

For students

  • New ways to absorb knowledge and make use of it.
  • Increased motivation for school tired students.
  • Increased performance in natural science and biology.
  • Increased awareness of business opportunities abroad.
  • Increased interest in language teaching
  • Interaction with nature creates better health.
  • Greater knowledge of the EU and opportunities in Europe to study and work.
  • New friendships

For the school

  • Better thinking and action on sustainable development of the school
  • More outdoor activities for students as part of their curriculum
  • Reduced number of early school leavers
  • A Handbook of didactic methods on teaching about sustainable development.


We will post a conclusion of our results after year 1 and year 2.