ROUTE Project – A day to make a difference

The idea came from the main idea of ROUTE to teach the students more about sustainability, but instead of teaching we wanted to make the project more like youth entrepreneurship. The students should work with an idea based on their wishes and dreams for the future and the environment. They started project groups with the mission to change the public’s awareness of their environmental impact or to change their consumption habits. Their ideas were then to be implemented, now they had to make a real effort to make their project work – how do you change people’s way of thinking or consuming?

The students thought of all different things. Here are some of their ideas;

  • Create a workshop material on “the production of bananas” too be used at schools.
  • A Instagram account with 498 followers that introduced “ environmental tip of the day”.
  • Reuse of old clothes, they collected old clothes to donate to refugees.
  • Creation of an educational film on waste management.
  • Ecological reuse and design – they collected old clothes and redesigned and sew them into a new garment. All the “new” clothes were presented on the cat walk and later sold.
  • A website with “Left over recipes” . You could enter your ingredients in the fridge and then get a new recipe for a dish to cook with what you have instead of buying new food.
  • Cook book about “Flexitarian food” to be distributed to lower secondary school and cooking lessons at school.

Students from all the participating countries took part in this project for the environment. Their results were presented in different way, depending of country. In Estonia they held a day at school for the locals and politicians to participate in. In Sweden we presented our results in Lidingö City hall for the newspapers and politicians. An information movie about our day was done, watch it here

This way to include an interdisciplinary way of working and moving the classroom out from school to meet the public was the best practice of Sweden. Hersby Gymnasium initiated and held the planning for this project.