ROUTE Project – Our waters and sustainability

One project that has been with us from the beginning of our project is around waters. In the future the access to water for drinking and farming will be even more important. The partners in this project have different problems concerning waters. Some have too little, some too much at a certain point, and all have problems with the cleanings process and the quality in the seas and oceans.

This project aimed at getting the students and teachers out of the classroom and to investigate the body of waters around them. This has been a field of work for a long time I Greece – and they showed us their best practice in identifying invertebrates as indicators of water pollution.

At the first meeting in Portugal water from the sea and lakes and soil from all four countries was collected in advance and brought to Portugal for comparison with each other. Density measurements were made, the Swedish teacher Karolina Nylund has bought  the same sort of aerometers for this experiment to be done in with the Swedish students.

At the meeting in Estonia we walk along the bog and investigated the body of water and the different animals living in the Estonian nature. We finished our joined studies in Greece, were the waters were a theme in the program.

All countries have done their own excursions and outdoor activities with students around waters. The results have later been compared between us and the teachers has shared the different work material that their students worked on in order to learn from each other.