ROUTE Project – Youth Entrepreneurship

During our two year project we have been working with youth entrepreneurship in all partner countries. The goal was to learn more from the Estonians school Paide Gymnasium. They have a long tradition of youth entrepreneurship and have taught the partners a lot. The students have worked with the creation of students companies and the presented their ideas in different public forums.

Estonia Student Company Fair 2015 The 13th to 15th February, 6 students and 2 teachers from Sweden went to Tallin, Estonia, to participate in the international fair of student company’s. The goal was for the Swedish delegation to learn more about Youth entrepreneurship, one of ROUTEs main goals. The program during these days consisted in presentations from the different student company´s and a large fair in Tallinn´s 2 biggest shopping malls. This was a new experience for the Swedish school, who had only participated in national fair before. We learned a lot from our Estonian partner in how to work with students company´s in a larger way then we had done before.

Greece Chamber of Comers’ 2016 – During the last meeting in Greece the participating countries had worked with youth entrepreneurship and each students group presented their idea for youth entrepreneurship in front of the Chamber of Comers’ in Piraeus. They then got feedback on their ideas. They also got to ask questions to the chamber about economics and youth entrepreneurship.

After working together with this project for two years we have all developed our work methods surrounding youth entrepreneurship. We have all learned to include an outdoor experience in to the youth entrepreneurship. This means that we have more collaborations with real companies, they guide and help our students with their ideas. Also the input from local chamber of comers has enriched the youth entrepreneurship at each school.